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About Us

Cognitive  Software Institute is a unique, non-profit organization with a purpose to accelerate development of organizations by accelerating performance improvement of the people, processes and technology.

Our founder and CEO, Joshua Frasier, is a retired IT Professional with more than 40 year's experience in the IT industry covering Operations, Automation & Programming, Training and Consulting for many fortune 500 firms.

With academic knowledge and skills  in Mathematics, Electronics Engineering and Digital Communications Technology, he designed and developed NLP System which provides the methodology for creating Cognitive Software called On-the-Job Training Ware or OJTware.

 To do this our developers use a special NLP Application called KCDDM / Knowledge Capture, Digitization, Distribution  and Monetization.  

This NLP Application can be developed and new income streams can be realized in less than 30 days.

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Joshua Frasier, President/CEO

Cognitive Software Institute, Inc.