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How to Accelerate Economic Development and Sustainability


Welcome to The Cognitive Software Institute:

It is our objective to develop "Human Software" which we call Cognitive Simulations and On-the-Job Training (OJT) Simulations in an effort to bring about performance improvement of professionals and students as well as FULL EMPLOYMENT in our economy within the next 5 years. 

This is not only possible but it's a must if we are to quickly bring about and end to the current effects of the past recessions which threaten to end our current way of life and that of our children and grandchildren.

My name is Joshua Frasier and I'm founder and President of the Cognitive Software Institute, founded in 2015, which is a non-profit social organization wholly owned by its profit making parent, 21st Century Community Developers, LLC, which founded by me in 2009.

The Cognitive Software Institute will do what Mr. T.J. Watson, IBM's first Chairman and CEO from 1914 to 1956 quoted "The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm".

This quote contains the key to resolving our economic problems today, tomorrow, and forever since ideas and enthusiasm can only be directed toward man via the deliberate and continuous transfer of experiential knowledge!  

If you read the current comments in business literature by CEOs worldwide, you will notice that they all describe how their workforce's suffer from a lack of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and engagement in their work, etc., This description actually fits a worker who lacks ideas and enthusiasm which can only come from experiential knowledge and understanding of one’s job.

This experiential knowledge which brings about understanding, should have been transferred to workers by automation experts when job roles and business processes were automated. Since we did not and have not done this, we suffer the consequences which resulted in what we call recessions which follow a receding of profits which follow low or no innovation of new ideas. .

Recessions are economic effects resulting especially from a workforce with low/no understanding of their job role, low/no innovation skills, low/no problem-solving skills, low/no engagement in their work, etc., Because they have no understanding of the operations involved in their total job which has been automated recessions are the logical consequences. 

It is the purpose of Cognitive Software Institute along with 21st Century Community Developers, LLC to develop and disseminate the methods, tools, and techniques, that will result in what Mr. T.J. Watson stated, "the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm" brought about by the direct and continuous transfer of experiential knowledge.

This is the key to Accelerating Economic Development and Sustainability of all economies which have embraced automation and computers which have changed business processes, functions and job roles in most all industries. 

Until next time.

Joshua Frasier