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Welcome to Cognitive Software Institute (CSI)

Our purpose is to provide R&D, instruction and training in Cognitive Software Technology. Cognitive Software is designed to support and accelerate development of the user's thinking skills, problem solving skills,  analytical skills, decision making skills. and communication skills in industry and academia 

Our design for Cognitive Software uses a specially designed, soon-to-be patented Natural Language Programming System called NLP which is used to  create a new class of software which we  call On-the-Job Training Ware or OJTware.

OJTware applications are job-specific and use a method of instruction or knowledge transfer called Cognitive Apprenticeship to accomplish it's  performance improvement goals for applications in business 

Cognitive Software Institute then uses NLP  to accelerate  the development of expertise and sustainability of People, Processes  and Technology in our economy.

for more information or questions or to collaborate with us on research, please contact Joshua Frasier, Founder/Director at

Best regards.

J.M. Frasier, Founder/Director